A conversation with Srijith Gopinath about state of Indian cuisine — Its history, its complexity, its comparison with French cuisine, Cal-Indian cuisine and top restaurants

Podcast Synopsis

Alok Shukla in a conversation with world’s only Michelin 2 Star Indian Chef — Srijith Gopinath.

Srijith is Executive Chef at Taj Campton in San Francisco and is co-owner of a new California Indian restaurant — Ettan in downtown Palo Alto in broader San Francisco Bay Area.

In an engaging chat, Srijith answer many questions including

  1. What does it mean by Cal Indian Cuisine?
  2. Comparing Indian cuisine vs French Cuisine
  3. Indian cuisine and flavor theory rules
  4. Can Michelin system truly judge Indian cuisine?
  5. Experimental or Authentic Indian cuisine?
  6. Top Indian Restaurants in United States
  7. Top 5 Indian restaurants in the world.